How To Renew Expired or Suspended New Jersey License

The inquiry received by the lawyers in New Jersey driver’s license restoration, particularly the way to restore a suspended New Jersey driver’s license. Within most of those situations, our traffic attorneys are chatting with a private who not resides in N.J., but their N.J. driver’s license suspension has trapped them in their home state. Some of the licenses are denied or prevented from getting a permit, their consent is being suspended, or renewal of their license is refused in their home state.

We also receive calls from residents of the latest Jersey who had a license suspension for many reasons and seek to clear up the suspension(s) and restore their license. Reinstating a replacement Jersey driver’s license is often a sophisticated endeavor. Each lawyer at our office is experienced in handling the Division of automobiles, municipal courts, and other agencies and entities that can affect an individual’s ability to take care of a legitimate automobile license.

A knowledgeable attorney is out there to talk to you immediately, and initial consultations with the members of our firm are always free of charge. So never hesitate to contact the N.J. office so that your N.J. driving privileges could also be restored. The following information is meant to supply assistance in understanding the law and procedures to vacate N.J. driver’s license suspensions and restore a license.

When to renew N.J. driving license

Typically, a New Jersey license is valid for four years. You don’t need to renew it before four years. Only you need to restore it if your license gets suspended. Read below some of the points to know about replace terms.

  • Valid Driver license: If you have a valid N.J. driver’s license, only you must renew it before the permit expires date. If your license expires in the next month, you will need to replace it in person at the MVC. There is no specific period for expired permits once the permit expires and not more valid in the future.
  • Suspended Driver License: If you didn’t renew a suspended driver’s license in New Jersey, you must pay a $100 fee. If you didn’t pay, you have to submit your suspended N.J. driver’s license by visiting your local NJ MVC agency, or you can mail it to the official Nj website or office.
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged license: If your N.J. driver’s license is lost, damaged, stolen, and it has come for renewal date, then you can easily renew it. Also, you can request a new driver’s license replacement. So never try to drive a vehicle without a license.

How to renew N.J. driver license

There are two ways to renewing or restoring your license. 

  • Online
  • By person
  • By mail


In-Person Renewal

To renew your driving license, you can visit the office mail address. But to renew, there are some documentation processes. So go through the entire article to know about the process.

  • 1 Primary Document: One of your’s primary documents is essential to renew or restore your license. It can be your’s birth certificate, driving license, or U.S. passport.
  • 1 Secondary Document: One secondary document is essential for the renewal or restoration of your N.J. license. It can be your’s Military Id, Marriage Certificate, or College Id.
  • Address Proof: One of your permanent address verification can be bills, bank statements, and school transcripts.
  • Social Security Number( SSN )
  • Payment: You should have the payment fees for renewal or restoration.

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By Mail Renewal

NJ allows you to renew your license, just sending a mail. So to restore you can mail, go through the below instruction.

  • Complete the application by filling in the mandatory fields.
  • The second and last step to complete the process is to process the payment through money order or cheque placement.

Other processes will be mentioned in the renewal package, which you will receive from NJ MVC.


Here in this article, we have tried our best to instruct you to restore or renew the New Jersey driving license. All the steps are clear, and you can quickly contact to MVC office for other instances.